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Hi! I’m Britney. I’m a passionate Jesus follower and a writer, editor, wife, and mom of four. I began inhaling words and stories at the age of 3 and haven’t stopped since!

As a young teen, I stepped into the worlds of Caroline in Lynn Austin’s Candle in the Darkness and Sarah in Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love. Those books showed me that stories are powerful vessels of life-

transforming truth. These, along with dozens of others since, influenced my heart and life in ways all the nonfiction books in the world never could. Don’t get me wrong – I love nonfiction too, but I am particularly drawn to novels that thread deep spiritual truth into the story to reveal the beautiful tapestry of God’s love, grace, and unrelenting pursuit of woeful sinners like myself.

I am an intensely passionate person, and I love equally intensely passionate stories (a twist of suspense or mystery just sweetens the deal)! My favorite stories to read, watch, and write feature imperfect characters who encounter the harsh and often heart-wrenching realities of living in a broken world and the God who is making all things new.

My husband and I have been ministering to college students for over a decade in Kansas City, MO. When I’m not chasing my four kids, hanging out with my husband, spending time with my Savior, or investing in women, you’ll find me snuggled on the couch or in the corner of a coffee shop, latte (and chocolate) in hand, buried in writing.

Take a look around, and thanks for stopping by! (and if you want more details on my life than you ever needed to know, check out my formal bio below).

Full Bio

Britney Lyn Hamm is a writer, editor, designer, wife, and mom of four with a passion for Jesus, a passion for people, and a passion for writing. She believes words, particularly stories, are powerful vessels of life-transforming truth. Reading and writing have been instrumental in her own growth and spiritual walk, and her desire is that her writing transforms the way other people think, feel, and live.

Britney began inhaling fiction at a young age and began writing her own stories shortly after. Her classical secondary education taught her the art of critical thinking, articulating thought, writing, and public speaking.  She went on to college in Kansas City where she obtained a degree in Psychology from UMKC. It was there at UMKC that she met the love of her life while he was sharing the gospel of Jesus with another student. They have been married since 2009 and ministering to college students for well over a decade. Britney is passionate about seeing the gospel transform every area of life. She loves walking young women through the college years and all that comes with them.

Her experience working with women in college ministry has exposed her to the real problems of real people who are grappling with real questions of life, love, God, pain, and suffering. She has listened to the stories of countless girls who are dealing with the effects of broken relationships, dysfunctional families, sexual and physical abuse, body image struggles, and bondage to a pursuit of goodness apart from Jesus. She believes there is only one answer to all of these problems – and that answer wrapped up in the person of Jesus Christ, who loves and pursues us with a passionate, earth-stopping, life-transforming, unrelenting love.

For the last eight years, Britney has been helping nonprofits and small businesses capture and communicate their message to their audience through content and design. In 2016, she edited a nonfiction book written by a survivor of sex trafficking called The Same Kind of Human: Seeing the Marginalized and Exploited through Eyes of Love.

In her own writing, Britney focuses on real characters who experience the harsh realities of a broken world and the God who, through his love, makes all things new. Spiritual truth laces her stories, and her stories are the fruit of her own questions, doubts, struggles, and realizations in her journey with God.

In 2020, Britney accomplished her lifelong dream with the publishing of her debut novel, the first in a series of three books. The storyformed romantic suspense novel, Finding Freedom, follows a survivor of abuse who is running from her past and finds herself in a seaside town in Maine where she meets a family of people who love her unconditionally and an intriguing musician who threatens to win her heart. As her past catches up with her, she is faced with the question: will she remain shackled to the demons that chases her, or will she find freedom through a love that conquers all things, even death?

Wherever God leads her fiction writing in the future, Britney's pray is that God will use the raw brokenness of the characters in her story juxtaposed with the unrelenting pursuit of a loving God to breathe life and hope into those who are hurting.

In the fall of 2020, Britney and her husband published their first discipleship resource together. Discipleship Lab: Gospel Foundation is the first in a series of four books designed to help people follow Jesus in all areas of their lives through solid theology, heart-level transformation, and practical application, all wrapped up in a beautifully designed format.

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