We were made for glory and for beauty

Britney Lyn Hamm for beauty and for glory

“For glory and for beauty”. This phrase is repeated multiple times in Exodus 28 as God instructs Moses in how the priestly garments are to be made. The tabernacle and its furnishings, the priestly garments, everything about God’s dwelling place was to be constructed from precious materials with craftsmanship, skill, intricacy, integrity, creativity, and beauty. … Read more

The Author of Life Analogy: Seeing God’s Authorship When Reading a Book by an Author You Know

pen quill paper photo Britney Lyn Hamm

This is a guest post on my blog today by my friend Morgan Robertson. Morgan is a deep thinker with a stunning mind and a beautiful heart for God. She shared this concept with me the other day after she finished reading my Christian romantic suspense novel, Finding Freedom. I asked her to pen these profound … Read more

Priceless Story about Preemie Twins

Join me over at MBCPathway – an article I wrote is front page today! This is a priceless (pun intended) story about how God miraculously saved the life of twin boys born at 27 weeks over 20 years ago and how He is using those boys and their parents to impact lives today.   Priceless: … Read more

When Christmas isn’t a Major Key Holiday

When Christmas isn't a major key holiday

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel has always been my favorite Christmas song. Something about the haunting minor key and the pleading lyric captivates me (see the end of this post for a beautiful rendition of it by Sovereign Grace). This year, it’s been even more poignant. I’ve been struck by the realization that it’s not … Read more

How to Start Praying Scripture: The Lord’s Prayer

Woman praying with Bible open

At the church we went to for the better part of my childhood, every Sunday one of the elders would stand up and say a “family prayer” – lifting up the needs and requests of various church members corporately. Most of the time, the prayer was clearly pre-scripted and read. That drove. Me. Nuts. I … Read more

Bask in the Sun

It feels like spring today. Finally. Here in Kansas City, we’ve not been ok, as the hilarious meme I saw last week relayed. It went something like this (I can’t find it now, of course, so this is my version)…”Check on your friends in Kansas City. We’re on day 792 of winter. The sun is … Read more

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