Book Review: Confessions of an Economic Hitman

 Confessions of an Economic Hitman hit the literary scene in 2004 as a controversial but highly acclaimed work. In Confessions, John Perkins tells his nearly 30-year-old story about hit job as what he called an “economic hit man”, or “EHM.” Perkins relays the circumstances surrounding his entry into the position of an EHM and takes … Read more


I wrap a shawl around me and slip away from the bed in the chill of the night with a quick glance behind me, quickly yet quietly, hoping to go unnoticed yet longing to be noticed. As silent as can be, yet wishing that some undetectable noise I make might be detected and my passage … Read more

A riddle: like the dawn

It is like the dawn. It creeps up, slowly, gently, softly, like the sun creeping its way up over the horizon.  At first it is no more than a glimmer, a hint of light pervading the darkness. But then a hint becomes a ray, a ray that spreads across the sky painting not just one … Read more

It’s No Longer Safe

Nothing was the same anymore. It was as if some strange melody had turned from harmonious to dissonant, its eerie chords setting the mood. The stranger peered in through the glass walls that separated him from the young woman. She was nearly trembling, her eyes wide with an uncertain fear as she scanned her transparent walls. He … Read more

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