A riddle: like the dawn

Sunrise over harbor

It is like the dawn. It creeps up, slowly, gently, softly, like the sun creeping its way up over the horizon.  At first it is no more than a glimmer, a hint of light pervading the darkness. But then a hint becomes a ray, a ray that spreads across the sky painting not just one spot but the entire picture.

As it creeps, its warmth spreads all over. A warmth that wasn’t there before, but a warmth that is so natural and so awakening, so inviting. The warmth is at first so surprising that it sends shivers, but those quickly disperse as the warmth takes over.

And the colors. As the sun rises, as it rises, it brings new colors, each color new and exciting, bringing a perspective not previously seen, at least not in that light. Each stage of the sunrise, like the stages of it, is different. They change, they shift, they deepen, they lighten, but from the shimmer of light catching a piece of glass or water to the full illumination they present a fresh view on everything.

There is something about the dawn…something about this, so peaceful, yet so restless. Just waiting for full realization. The breathtaking moments as the sky changes from dark to light. A world awakened, brightened, warmed.

And suddenly, as sudden as it was subtle before, you look into the sky and realize that the sun is no longer creeping but rather right on top of the world. It has taken over, touching everythingright in front of you, and you could not help it just as you cannot help the joy and warmth that you feel. The sun has risen quite slowly and quite abruptly all at the same time.  One moment it is but a faint glow and you feel but the slightest twinge of warmth; the next it is radiantly encompassing.

So it is. From the faintest light it creeps, painting a beautiful picture, revealing new things and new perspectives, until all the sudden you realize it is upon you. It is absolutely breathtaking. It weakens you and strengthens you all at once. It warms you through and through, and you desire nothing more than to be basking in its presence as if basking in the sunlight.

It is like the dawn.

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  1. I really enjoyed this. I just had a rather taxing day of ministry here in Costa Rica, and this refreshed me. You write so much, it’s hard to keep up with you! But this is good. Don’t stop thinking.


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