Bask in the Sun

It feels like spring today.


Here in Kansas City, we’ve not been ok, as the hilarious meme I saw last week relayed. It went something like this (I can’t find it now, of course, so this is my version)…”Check on your friends in Kansas City. We’re on day 792 of winter. The sun is nowhere to be found. We’ve had precipitation 40 of the last 60 days. Salvy is out for the season, and Mahomes won’t be in uniform again for months. We are not ok.”

Well, we’re a little better today, because the sun is out, the temperature is above 50, and it won’t get dark till after 7!!! (We’ll pretend like it isn’t supposed to rain the next 3 days with a chance of snowflakes Thursday. Let us enjoy it, mmkay?)

My kids were thrilled to play outside this afternoon. Bikes, scooters, roller blades, swinging, dirt…they’re basking in all the things they have been missing for months.

I sat out on the front steps watching them ride and run up and down the sidewalk, soaking up the Vitamin D warmth of the sunlight, baby monitor at my side in a rare moment when the newest little is napping in her cosleeper instead of on me. I thought I’d be chilly in my single-layer, but didn’t dare risk waking the baby while retrieving a sweatshirt. Surprisingly, I wasn’t chilly at all.

The sun warmed up the chilly air to delightful perfection. I breathed a deep sigh of satisfaction and smiled as my 5-year-old son pulled his 2-year-old sister in the wagon and my 7-year-old jabbered about her gardening schemes.

Later, the kids chose to move to the backyard so they could dig in dirt. They found a sunny spot and dug their hands in deep (their fingernails prove that). I went inside to open the back door, with dreamy illusions of continuing my inhalation of fresh air on the deck.

The air was far from warm, however! Most of the yard and the entire deck are shaded in the afternoon, and without the sun, it was too cool for comfort without warmer clothing.

I resigned to stay in the kitchen where I could stay warm and keep an eye out. As I started some dinner prep, I thought about the difference the sun makes. As I reflected on that, it struck me how that illustrates the effect of God’s presence in our lives: all it takes is a ray of His presence to shine light in the dark places, breath fresh air into our weary hearts, and turn the shivering chill of life’s worries into the spreading warmth of godly joy.

Just like the sun is always there, those of us who trust in the name of Jesus have His presence with us always through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. But just as clouds, buildings, and tree obstruct the warmth of the sun, so the worries, sorrows, and even good things of this life can obstruct our sense of His presence in our lives.

When we step out of the shadows into the light, we remember the joy of the Lord. When we move from the chill of the shade to the warmth of the sun, we experience the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Whether your forecast for the rest of the week is cloudy or sunny, take a figurative step into the sun this week. Step into His presence – open the Word, spend time in prayer, fellowship with another Spirit-filled believer, meditate on His truth, sing songs of praise.

As you do, bask in His light. Soak up His warmth. You might be surprised how your perspective and attitude change!

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