Do Not Fear the Pain

Ten years ago, in preparation for the natural birth of our first child, my husband and I took a childbirth class with a doula. She taught us many helpful things, but one of the most impactful was this: do not fear the pain. Fear is the enemy of pain. Fear makes pain worse. She explained … Read more

When Easter isn’t a Major Key Holiday

  On December 26, I published a post titled, “When Christmas Isn’t a Major Key Holiday.” It seemed to resonate with a number of people who also found themselves feeling unfestive as they dealt with grief and heartache during the season of “glad tidings and joy.” I concluded, Grief and heartache aren’t unfestive. They aren’t … Read more

When Christmas isn’t a Major Key Holiday

When Christmas isn't a major key holiday

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel has always been my favorite Christmas song. Something about the haunting minor key and the pleading lyric captivates me (see the end of this post for a beautiful rendition of it by Sovereign Grace). This year, it’s been even more poignant. I’ve been struck by the realization that it’s not … Read more

Bask in the Sun

It feels like spring today. Finally. Here in Kansas City, we’ve not been ok, as the hilarious meme I saw last week relayed. It went something like this (I can’t find it now, of course, so this is my version)…”Check on your friends in Kansas City. We’re on day 792 of winter. The sun is … Read more

Worshiping in the Blood of Your Loss

It’s been a heavy week. And not just because my toddler ended up with 5 stitches (although that did happen). Last Thursday, a childhood friend of mine evacuated her home in with her husband and toddler, narrowly escaping the fury of flames that tore through Northern California in the Camp Fire, now considered the most … Read more

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