A Distant Music: Part II


Then on that path I stumbled low
And fell face to the ground
That voice grew louder, closer still
I trembled in prostrate bow
A gentle hand reached out to me
And lifted my chin high
And what I saw did not expect
Filled was I with bewildered awe

I saw a face soft and worn
A smile gentle and kind
But his eyes intrigued me most of all
Their knowing intent stare
I dropped my head back to the ground
Full of disparaging shame
For I felt unworthy and full of filth
Yet I knew not even his name

His knees dipped low to the ground
His eyes they bore on mine
He whispered, “I have taken your sin;
There is no place for shame
I am the Shepherd, I am the Vine,
I am who I am,
“Come my child,’ he beckoned me,
“Your soul is finally free.”

Still in disbelief I knelt
Unwilling to believe
My shame, my sin, could they be gone?
If so, how could it be?
The music it grew louder still
So glorious a sound
As if a heavenly host were near
Yet he was the only one around

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