A Distant Music: Part I


I began writing this story poem several years ago.  Easter week seems an appropriate time to finish writing it as I reflect on the meaning of this week. I pray that reading it in each installment blesses you as much as writing it has blessed me – and don’t judge; I’m a novelist, not a poet!


I came upon a beckoning path
With treacherous twist and wind
Its narrow rocky appearance
Seemed anything but sublime
Though instinct told me “step right past
And do not look behind”
Something pulled me deep within
To see what I might find

Down that path the wind it blew
Whis’pring me to come
A distant music sounded too
Lilting flute, entrancing hum
My path till now was safe I knew
Filled with indulgment and ease
But some vast longing deep within
It hardly did appease

One step I took to seal my fate
No turning back remained
For once I chose the beckoning path
Enraptured I became
That gentle music was my guide
As I stumbled on my way
My heart beat a fiercesome storm
Yet strange peace rendered it tame

Each step I took I felt a change
Drawn to this unseen end
I was alone yet felt no fear
As the path did twist and bend
A deep pure voice joined the flute
And it too became my guide
And the voice just drew me on and on
Powerless was I to hide

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