A Distant Music: Part IV

Britney Lyn Hamm Author A Distant MusicIV. HOME

I poured my body over His
My ribs, they wracked with grief
Why had He come only to die,
How could this be the end?
If death had won what was the point?
The other path it beckoned me
Perhaps the wrong road had I chosen
Perhaps it was time to see

My shoulder felt a gentle touch
I whirled around in disbelief
For there He stood alive and well
I stared at Him confused
Then saw the body I had held
Was nowhere to be found
Only a pile of white clothes
Folded there remained

“Now, my child, now you see
It’s finished and it’s done
The power of sin is broken
Death, it has no reign
All your travels from then to now
They’ve all led you to me
I’m the thing you’re looking for
Your search can end with me.”

His hand he held for me to hold
I placed my hand in His
And felt the holes still in his palms
To show He was my Lord
The music it began to play
Grew louder, louder still
When streets of gold we came upon
I knew at last; I’m home.


Happy Easter!

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