Perspective Comes

Original poem by Britney Lyn Hamm. All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be shared without attribution or reproduced without written consent.

I wish I could remember when I first wrote this poem  – what was happening in life, what prompted it. Truly, I have no idea. I found it in a file entitled “Writing” on my computer. It could be two years old or ten; I don’t know. What I do know is that these words could be my morning prayer every day, for they well describe the longings of my heart and the daily battles against the enemy’s lies.

Perspective Comes

I come before you, God my God,

To offer you this day

My simple prayer of offering

Becomes a desperate cry


All the world, it falls away

To it I’m all but blind

Perspective dawns and points me home

My worries, they unwind


This life that I’ve been living

What is it worth at all?

If bound in useless strangling lies

If freedom they demise



I’m weary of living for the world

Its standards measuring me

My simple prayer of offering

Becomes a desperate cry


Perspective hits and shows me home

For all this world’s a stage

Beseeching, falling, here I am

Bind my heart to Yours


Have all this world but I am Yours

Surrendered to your throne

Perspective comes and leads me home

His name is Adonai


*Photo taken by yours truly in Seattle, WA, October 2015

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